Who is this course for?

The course is suitable for those with a background in aviation generally who are not familiar with language testing issues, and want to know how to apply the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements for Plain English testing. It’s equally suitable for teachers or language trainers who are not particularly familiar with aviation English language testing.

Most course participants would like to either get involved in assessing Plain English performances, informally (benchmarking/diagnostic testing) or formally (for licensing purposes), and/or to further their own knowledge so as to support their students and colleagues.

If you would not describe your own background in this way, then the course is probably not for you. If you’d like to check your suitability for the course, please email Ben (ben@lenguax.com) before registering.

What makes a successful course participant?

Someone who is:

  • comfortable using online communications software (in this case, Zoom)
  • analytical & able to makes notes of performance evidence to link to decision-making
  • open and sensitive to hearing others’ ideas and opinions
  • reflective.

What will the certificate allow me to do?

The certificate will inform stakeholders that you have been trained to apply the ICAO Descriptors. Some stakeholders will find that very helpful, and may accept the certificate as a pre-cursor to doing some informal testing work or to developing your skills further to work in formal testing settings.

The certificate is a first step for Examiners interested in working with Lenguax. A commercial test service partnership contract between Lenguax and suitable organisations is required to set up official test centres for formal testing. If your organisation may be interested in such a partnership, great – please email Ben (ben@lenguax.com) before registering.

What happens if there not enough participants to run the course?

Lenguax requires a minimum of 2 participants to run the course. If the course cannot be run, you can choose a later course or claim a full refund. No problem at all.

In checking the box here you agree that you have read the important information provided and believe yourself to be suitable to apply for the course. We look forward to meeting and working with you.