Accent Familiarization Course

Navigate through diverse accents to communicate better in aviation English.

Welcome to Lenguax's Accent Familiarization Course.

Designed for pilots, air traffic controllers, and aviation professionals, this course equips you with the skills to understand and communicate effectively no matter the accent of your interlocutor.

Through practical listening exercises and interactive content, enhance your comprehension skills and boost your confidence in international airspaces.

The course is a series of self-contained modules, each focussing on a different international accent.

Accent Familiarization Course

Course Content

Currently there are 4 modules of self-access study, filled with real-world examples of speakers of that language.

Each module is composed of 4 sections:


In the first section, you can learn about the language itself, and hear the sounds of that language, modelled by native speakers of the language. 

Mandarin Chinese


Next, listen to some difficulties that speakers of this language have with English pronunciation. This will help you to understand why speakers of these languages may sound strange at first. 

Chinese Screenshot


Now listen to some real-world pilots and ATCs from these countries talking about their jobs, and apply what we've discovered so far. You should find them easier to understand now!

Chinese Screenshot 4


Finally, many aviation English language tests include comprehension sections involving interrnational speakers talking about non-routine aviation situations. Practice your understanding of the accent with approximately 100 recordings of speakers of each language!

Screenshot of Practice

What’s in the accent familiarization course?

Here you can read about the contents of the self-access modules.


Module 1: Native Speakers

Native Speakers are often considered some of the most difficult people to listen to on the radio, because they speak "too fast", or use some other features of speech that learners find challenging.

In this first module, you are introduced to some of these features, with examples from 5 pilots and ATCs from the USA, the UK and Australia. 

You are also introduced to the topics that each module will consider: Bad Weather, Pre-Flight Inspections,

Native Speaker Cover
Screenshot of Practice


Module 2: Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin and English are very different languages, with very different pronunciation systems, so it is no wonder speakers of one language have difficulty with pronunciation in the other. 

But these systems are regular, and with a little bit of practice you can learn to recognize the typical pronunciation patterns of Mandarin speakers and increase your confidence in understanding what they are saying.

Chinese Cover
Chinese Screenshot


Module 3: Turkish

Speakers of Turkish also have some regular differences in their pronunciation from standard English. Learn to recognize these in this module!

Turkey Avatar
Chinese Screenshot 4


Module 4: Brazilian Portuguese

Portuguese as spoken in Brazil is a common international accent, and here you can learn more about it and practice your comprehension skills with more speakers!

Brazil Cover
Brazil Phoneme Chart

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