Course for English Language Proficiency Assessor Level 6

Bespoke course for professionals needing to assess Aviation English proficiency at ICAO Level 6.

In addition to our well-received initial rater training course, we offer a short course for those assessors tasked with deciding whether a pilot or ATC should be awarded Expert Level 6 in the ICAO language proficiency scale.  

There is a mixture of online group discussion sessions and self-access reading and listening activities. 

Course Content

The course will be delivered online, with a mixture of self-access materials and group sessions (on Zoom or similar) totalling around 12 hours of work. 


Module 1: Introduction to the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements

Self-access, pre-course: 2 hours

Objectives: to understand the theory of the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements, including the Holistic Descriptors and ICAO Rating Scale; to understand the key features of the 6 profiles through listening to short samples of test performances.

The outcome will be that participants gain '5 key questions for the assessment of proficient speakers' to ask themselves in further modules of the course, and when making future 'live' assessments.


Module 2: Example Application of the 5 Key Questions to Full Test Samples

Self-access, pre-course: 2 hours

Objectives: to get used to listening to valid ELP test performances; to start to become familiar with the proficiency standard associated with ‘L6 performances’ and ‘NOT L6 performances’ through application of the 5 key questions.


Module 3: Guided Application of the 5 Key Questions to Short Test Samples

Group online session, Day 1: 3 hours

Objectives: through listening to a range of samples and further discussion, to begin to make rating judgments about performances, ICAO profile by profile, and apply answers to the key questions based on performance evidence.


Module 4:  Independent Practice Application of the 5 Key Questions to Full Test Samples

Group online session, Day 2: 3 hours

Objectives: through listening to full test samples, to apply all key questions to full test performances independently, and standardise against others through discussion of performance evidence and feedback.

Certification Task

To earn their course certificate, participants will demonstrate their rater standardisation and consistency by independently assessing 3 test performances, asking themselves the 5 key questions for the assessment of proficient speakers. They will rank the candidates in order of proficiency, most proficient to least proficient, and submit their ratings online. 

Why choose the Lenguax Level 6 Assessor Course?

We have a highly qualified team of raters and trainers who have worked with many different assessment organizations and test providers around the world. 

Among the skills we bring to the table are more than twenty years combined of assessment training, and three MAs in Language Testing, as well as long careers working in Aviation English as examiners and teachers.  

Our course is designed around two principles: 

1) The content should be engaging and interesting: language testing is interesting and the course should reflect that!

2) Participants should feel supported: different raters bring different experience and knowledge to the discussion, and every viewpoint is valid.

Through engaging discussion and an informal atmosphere we can learn from each other to become accurate, standardised assessors!

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate similar to this one.

Level 6 Assessor Certificate