Online Aviation English Rater Refresher Course

Refresh your Aviation English Rating certificate with this high-quality, adapted version of our full Aviation English Rater Course

Lenguax is proud to offer a high-quality online rater course for those interested in renewing a certificate in applying the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements to Aviation English test speech samples. 

The course may be an important standardisation exercise for experienced raters, or a useful review for those interested in the field, so as to maintain certification. A formal certificate will be provided.

The course is a mixture of online group discussion sessions and self-access reading and listening activities, totalling around 24 hours of training, as per ICAO guidelines for recurrent rater training.

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Course Content

Participants will have access to the most recent version of the same 8-module online course as initial trainees, if they wish to refresh their understanding of the ICAO LPRs by listening to our selected clips and commentary. 

We will also meet for 3 sessions on Zoom (approximately 3 hours each) where we will listen to more tests and discuss, as a group, our rating. 

You can download the course brochure here

Rating Task

Lastly, you will listen to a number of tests, and submit the score you think the candidates should be awarded in each area. You will be given individualized feedback in your rating in the form of comments about the scoring from our team of experienced ELE and SME raters and language assessors, and a statistical analysis of your "harshness" or "leniency" in the form of a Rasch analysis. 

If you have taken a previous initial or refresher training course, we will be able to give you feedback on how your rating has changed over time, since some of the tests we will ask you to listen to will be ones that you have previously rated. 

What’s in the online course?

As well as the group rating sessions, you will have access to our unique, 8-module online course, which illustrates the ICAO LPRs with clips from real-world tests. 


Module 1: ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements & Language Testing

In this module we review the actual requirements from ICAO by looking at Document 9835.  We also review some of the issues involved in language testing by considering the topics of reliability and validity in greater depth


Module 2: ICAO Descriptors - Pronunciation

In this module we think about Pronunciation and how to assess fairly using the ICAO language descriptors.  We consider issues of intelligibility, English as an International Language and some of the intelligibility issues that speakers from different language backgrounds may experience.  We listen to samples of speakers from around the world and consider how their pronunciation does or does not "interfere with meaning". 


Module 3: ICAO Descriptors - Structure

This module considers Structure and how we can assess it using the ICAO language descriptors.  We think about the notions of "basic" and "complex" structure and interference with meaning, and some of the difficulties faced by speakers of other languages in learning English grammar.  We then listen to some examples of different levels of performance. 


Module 4: ICAO Descriptors - Vocabulary

In this module we think about the "range and accuracy" of different examples of Vocabulary performance and how to assess these with respect to the ICAO descriptors.  We also consider what "idiomatic" language might mean in this context.


Module 5: ICAO Descriptors - Fluency

Fluency involves both "flow" and the use of discourse markers - two quite different concepts.  We will examine both then listen to some examples of different levels of ability. 


Module 6: ICAO Descriptors - Comprehension

We will consider Comprehension in the abstract: how can we know what someone understands in a reliable and fair way? We will use the listening tasks from the TEAC as our instrument, and listen to different ability levels attempting the tasks, and learn how to map these performances to scores.


Module 7: ICAO Descriptors - Interactions

The interactions descriptor can be quite confusing for new raters: we will try to demystify it and show how different test performances exemplify different degrees of proficiency in this pragmatic skill. 


Module 8: Examiner Behaviour

For valid, reliable testing examiner behaviour is critical: each candidate should receive a similar testing experience, and the way an interlocutor behaves can radically affect the performance that the candidate is able to deliver. We will read about best practice, and consider some examples of.. less good practice!


Module 9: Rater Performance

Finishing a rater course isn't the end!  It is important to monitor how raters rate tests even after they complete their training.  This module looks at using Many-Faceted Rasch Analysis as a way to monitor how raters are interacting with tests, in order to ensure fair scores for candidates. 

Why choose the Lenguax Rater Refresher Course? 

There are a number of different Aviation English rater courses out there, but this one is different!

We have a highly qualified team of raters and trainers who have worked with many different rating organizations and test providers around the world. 

Among the skills we bring to the table are more than twenty years combined of rater training, and three MAs in Language Testing, as well as long careers working in Aviation English as examiners and teachers.  

Our course is designed around two principles: 

1) The content should be engaging and interesting: language testing is interesting and the course should reflect that!

2) Participants should feel supported: different raters bring different experience and knowledge to the discussion, and every viewpoint is valid.

Through engaging discussion and an informal atmosphere we can learn from each other to become accurate, standardised raters!

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate similar to this one.

An excellent, stimulating and challenging course. Thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions. 



The course followed an easy-to-understand building block approach to English Language Testing. Every lesson had clear and well organised content. All examples were helpful in gaining a good understanding of the subject matter.
Online sessions were very well presented and organised. Exercises and group discussions (whether as a whole group or split up in separate rooms) were great tools to understand each descriptor and give an appropriate grade. Even for someone who's never dealt with Aviation English tests outside of my own test many years ago, everything made sense at the end of the week and I feel comfortable rating a test myself now.



Well organized, well managed and well explained. Remarkable!



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