Callsign Confusion

Improve recognition and writing of numbers, letters and other crucial information in an aviation context.

Callsign Confusion is a short course designed to make dramatic improvements in aviation English students' recognition and note-taking of letters and numbers over the radio.

Especially helpful for students who are used to a different writing system from the Latin alphabet, but beneficial for all, the course provides recognition of 10 international accents (e.g. Canadian, Arabic, French) delivering alphanumeric messages of increasing complexity. 

ATIS Recording Task

Course Content


Error Correction worksheet

There are six modules to the course.  Each builds on the last to provide plenty of practice in recognizing numbers only, letters only, letters and numbers together as well as letters and numbers of varying lengths.  

The final two modules provide practice in error correction (listening and correcting occasional errors in the transcription of letters and numbers) and in simulated real world tasks such as note taking from a variety of ATIS recordings. 

What’s in Callsign Confusion?

There are six modules to the course


Module 1: Numbers only

There is a short introduction to the pronunciation of numbers on the radio, then practice in recognizing 10 different accents delivering messages comprising only numbers, from short (2 numbers) to longer (6 numbers). 


Module 2: Letters only

Following a short introduction to the pronunciation of letters on the radio, there is practice in recognizing 10 different accents delivering messages comprising only letters, from short (2 letters) to longer (6 letters).


Module 3: Letter & Number Combinations

This module  provides further practice in recognition of 10 different accents reading combinations of letters and numbers from short (2 letters and numbers) to longer (6 letters and numbers). 


Module 4: Mixed-Length Combinations

In this module the messages may be of any length, providing an extra challenge to the note-taker.


Module 5: Error Correction

In this module the written transcriptions of short messages may or may not contain errors: the task is to listen and correct those which contain mistakes. 


Module 6: ATIS Recordings

In this final module, pilots can listen to simulated ATIS recordings from a variety of airports around the world and practice their note-taking skills, writing down weather and other related information. 

Going through the various exercises has been an invaluable learning experience for all my students. Since the start of the course in February, I have witnessed drastic improvements in all of my students.


Aviation English Teacher, Vietnam

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