Aviation English Teacher Training

Learn to prepare students for their ICAO Language Proficiency tests with our online teacher training resources

Lenguax is proud to offer teacher training courses in Aviation English for teachers who need to prepare students for ICAO Levels 4 and above

The course is a mixture of online self-access materials and tutorials with Lenguax teachers. 

Self-Access Materials

We have produced a series of online self-access materials designed to introduce teachers to all aspects of the ICAO language proficiency requirements, and the implications these have for the classroom.


You can work through the online materials at your own pace, and arrange the online tutorials (2 x 1.5 hours, with an optional 3rd tutorial) at times to suit you. 

We suggest that we use the first tutorial to discuss the contents of modules 1-4, the second for modules 5-8 and the optional final tutorial to discuss any other matters of interest to you, related to aviation English teaching. 

We are happy to tailor the tutorials to your specific needs!

More Example Materials
Example of Teacher Course Material

What’s in our Teacher Training course?

The course comprises 8 modules, which are online self-access materials, and 3 online tutorials of approximately 1-hour each with a Lenguax trainer, in which you can discuss issues arising. 
Our teacher trainer team has many years of experience both designing and delivering aviation English training materials to pilots and air traffic controllers at all levels


Aviation English

In this module we will learn about the context of aviation English teaching: why do the pilots and controllers need English classes, and what should these contain?



ICAO have provided some requirements for pilots and controller pronunciation.  What are these, what do they mean in practice, and how can we teach it?



ICAO's requirements talk about "basic" and "complex" structures, but also functional language.  What are these, and what do we need to provide as teachers?



The requirements for Vocabulary talk about "range" and "accuracy", but how do we know which words or phrases to teach?



What exactly are the ICAO requirements around "fluency" and how can we measure, and more importantly, teach, this skill?



Pilots and ATCs need to be able to understand a range of accents, but how can we even teach people to be better at "listening"?



This final language skill is not often considered in normal English language teaching, but is an important part of the communicative loop.  How can we help students with this?


Lessons, Courses and Tests

Depending on your context you may need to prepare individual lessons or whole courses, and also have to have input on testing solutions.  Here we provide additional input on these issues. 

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