TEAC - Test of English for Aeronautical Communication

Creating Confidence for Aviation Professionals

Test Centre Locations

Candidates need to take TEAC at a centre that will be acceptable to their licence-issuing authority.  For a certificate accepted by:

  • the UK CAA (now or in future), you must be tested at a UK CAA-approved TEAC Centre.
  • an EASA member state aviation authority, find a TEAC centre which offers EASA-approved tests.
  • any other national aviation authority, find a TEAC centre in that country, or check with the authority directly whether UK CAA or EASA approved certificates are accepted. 


Centre Number


Contact Name


Authority Approval(s)


Lenguax Europe Head Office


Veľkáokružná 17, 01001 Žilina,

Andrea Davies Brezonakova




Lenguax Head Office


27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX

Tyrone Bishop



Notes for Candidates

To download the most recent version of the Notes for Candidates, click the link below. 

Please ensure you have read the Notes for Candidates before taking the test, and watch the example test

Test Regulations for Candidates

To download the most recent version of the Regulations for Candidates, click the link below. 

You must agree to these regulations before taking the TEAC.

Example Certificate

A PDF e-certificate is produced for every test, but candidates can pay for a quicker service:

  • Standard service (often within 5 working days, but may take up to 10 working days)
  • Express service (processing is guaranteed within 5 working days)
  • Express Plus service (processing is guaranteed within 3 working days)

Paper certificates can be ordered, and are sent by courier from Head Office UK within 10 working days to your TEAC centre. 

The prices of these can be found on the website of your chosen TEAC centre. 

UK CAA-approved and non-EASA-approved certificates include the UK CAA logo and details of Lenguax's approval.

EASA-approved TEAC certificates include details of Lenguax Europe's approval by an EASA Member State.