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If you’re interested to learn more, please read the testimonials below from some of our clients and then get in touch with Ben, our Head of Testing, for a chat about the potential opportunity in your region and a demonstration of how we operate.


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FTA Global Logo

Flight Training Adelaide (FTA) is Australia’s premier flight training organisation with students originating from a broad international customer base. Most of FTA’s students speak English as a second language and FTA therefore require a reliable and efficient means of having them tested.

Lenguax have seamlessly provided this service solution since May 2022. Becoming a partner with Lenguax was accomplished with minimum fuss and no bother. We highly value Lenguax’s price competitive services and that they provide a timely assessment of student’s abilities allowing them to continue their training with minimum delays.

And what a GREAT team Lenguax is, providing outstanding training and expertise. Ben and Tyrone have been at the forefront of friendly and efficient support that continuously exceeds expectations. Nothing is too much trouble for them and considering their global theatre of operations, they ALWAYS respond to communications and queries with alacrity, taking into account the time zones.

It is a privilege working with Lenguax. And I believe the Test of English for Aviation Communication (TEAC) to be one of the most comprehensive, accurate, reliable and valid methods of English testing available.

Graham Barr, Head of Ground Training

Flight Training Adelaide


Initially, PACTEC used Lenguax for ELP rater training. Throughout the training, Lenguax’s professionalism and high standard stood out to me. As we were looking for a solution to offer good Language testing, we considered Lenguax and quickly realized that partnering with them would give us a very professional testing platform with very little investment.

Becoming a partner was very easy. Lenguax really has their “ducks in a row” making it very easy to become a partner. They take care of 90% of the work, all we had to do was follow basic instructions and follow some additional training and we were online as a testing facility.

Our clients like the system. It works well, is clear, and comes across very professional. The testing service is highly valued. Currently, we are the only testing facility in the country, and we provide testing at a high standard (per ICAO guidelines). The local industry depends on it, which helps us deliver a much-needed service.

In most situations, I would recommend others to partner with Lenguax. Why re-invent the wheel? Lenguax has done a phenomenal job of creating a testing platform that exceeds international standards. For an appropriate fee, they allow us to benefit from the solid testing platform they have created.

Director of Operations

PACTEC Afghanistan

Peak Logo

Peak Aviation became a partner of Lenguax in an attempt to fill a gap in the ELP exams in the Republic of Bulgaria. I am happy to share that Lenguax not only set up very quickly the satellite location, but provided comprehensive training for the whole team and shared extensive documentation on the processes involved. I could have not imagined the process to be quicker or more professional.

Our clients love how easy it is to register, find an exam date/time and prepare for the exam. With example real tests and a whole learning course, our clients come well prepared to us and know what to expect. The test is well structured and have a variety of test profiles: ab-initio pilot, private pilot, airline pilot, etc.

Lenguax provide the aviation market in the Republic of Bulgaria with a professional, well structured and quick service in regards to ELP exams in the country. 

Emil Avramov, Co-Founder and Head of Training

Peak Aviation Academy Europe

Dedalos Logo

Dedalos have been providing exams for ICAO Level since 2013 in cooperation with certified organisations specializing in language testing. Brexit has changed the legal environment and forced us to look for another partner.

Fortunately Lenguax responded quickly to the legal challenges and developed TEAC which is approved by one of the European authorities and is thus accepted across EASA countries in Europe. TEAC is very well recognized among our clients and we as a provider appreciate very much the tools which are part of the TEAC system like planning of the exam sessions and booking service for candidates. 

One of the qualities of Lenguax and TEAC which is worth emphasizing is very close support - they respond to any request for help in minutes, even at weekends. Examiner-interlocutor interface is also worth noting for clarity and efficient support during examination.

For us one of the non-negligible qualities of Lenguax team was that people behind TEAC are not new to the industry and have a lot of experience in Aviation English teaching and testing.

Artur Rutkowski, Director


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