LPR Solution 2024: Uniting ELP and RT testing

ICAO’s Language Proficiency Requirements are intended to be guidance for the testing of English Language Proficiency (ELP) – ‘plain English in an aviation context’. This does not include assessment of ability in standard phraseology/radiotelephony (RT). 

The LPRs are being interpreted (and misinterpreted) in multiple ways. One problem is that since very few States mandate an English oral/aural RT test for licensing, many regulators view ELP tests as a comprehensive solution for both phraseology and plain English testing. 

The opposite is true. Inappropriate deployment of ELP tests leads to a lack of thorough and targeted assessment of both ELP and RT ability, generating unreliable outcomes and reduced confidence in the English testing industry. It’s a mess. 

Lenguax propose a solution for 2024 and beyond on the basis that the following statements are true and impact aviation safety: 

  1. Oral English RT testing and ELP testing should not be intertwined. 
  2. In States in which there is no mandatory dedicated oral English RT test in place, a change to the guidance on oral English RT testing might really assist the industry. 
  3. While role-plays involving use of standardised phraseology may well be useful to the industry, the ICAO LPR rating guidelines do not include reference to the accurate use of phraseology, and as such ELP and RT are more appropriately assessed separately. 
  4. ELP assessments should be conducted formally by at least 1 SME Rater and 1 ELE Rater. (Therefore, ELP testing should not be conducted informally by a single Assessor during simulator checks.) 
  5. RT assessments should be conducted by RT testing specialists. 

Solution 2024: to give maximum confidence to the industry regarding the English communication proficiency of aviation personnel, Lenguax is affiliated with RT testing expert partner organisations such as Talking Radio and Planespeak to offer ELP and RT testing services in conjunction: 2 separate tests for 2 different objectives. In this way, an operational communications expert checks candidates' proficiency in both ICAO ELP and standard phraseology/RT skills. Problem solved. 

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