A new Aviation English test for ICAO levels 4 - 6

The TEAC (Test of English for Aeronautical Communication) is a new Aviation English test for ICAO and FCL.055 language proficiency.

Different TEAC test centres have EASA LAB and UKCAA approvals.  

about us

Experienced professionals

The TEAC is developed and maintained by Lenguax Ltd (UK) and Lenguax Europe s.r.o. (Slovakia). 

We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in aviation and in language testing. 

The TEAC is designed to be a valid and reliable language test of Aviation English proficiency, but it is also designed to be convenient and comfortable for you. 

The TEAC complies with EASA Part FCL.055 and ICAO 9835. 


Why you should use TEAC for your aviation English test

We believe that your aviation English test should be fair, easy to understand, reliable and relevant to you. 

The tasks in the TEAC are designed for your aviation role.  You don't need to be good at typing, or understanding messages you could never hear in your day-to-day operations!


Check what aviation professionals say about our test

The test is very suitable for student pilots.  It's what should be tested, in my opinion.


Ab-initio pilot - china

I like that in this aviation English test you cannot give scripted or pre-prepared answers. 


PILOT - colombia

This test format is the best I've seen.  I highly recommend it. 



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