Book an EASA ELP Test with Lenguax Europe

You can book a test at head office (Bratislava), or with any of our international partners!

Our EASA approval extends to both pilot and ATCO licensing.

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We work in partnership with multiple international partners. See our list of TEAC Centres here.

Our Head Office is in Bratislava, but we can arrange test days at local venues according to demand. In order to arrange a test, please contact us using or use the contact form below.



Pay extra for a faster service 


€120 +€25 

  • Certificate processing within 5 working days

Pay extra for an even faster service


€120 +€50 

  • Certificate processing within 3 working days

Most authorities do not require a paper certificate, but you can order one if you need one

€120 +€50 

  • Posted within 10 working days

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Book a test by creating a quick account here. If no test days are available, please contact us using email:

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