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Our Aviation English Course is an innovative new way to develop your aviation English skills and improve your ICAO test level.

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what you get

Do you need to improve your aviation English listening skills?

80% of pilots and ATCs said Yes! - whatever their ICAO English Level


In this course you can develop your listening skills in ways that you cannot in a typical classroom.

With a wide variety of international accents and voices, and state-of-the-art methodology, you will develop your confidence listening to fluent aviation English from around the world. 

Voices of Experience

Each of the 36 Units of the course features an interview with a real-life aviation professional from different language backgrounds.

Not only will you improve your ability to understand English as it is spoken around the world, you can also enjoy listening to the authentic opinions, experiences and ideas of your international colleagues. 


No boring books or lectures!

Each unit features a wide variety of interactive techniques to keep you engaged with the material.

Vocabulary & Structure

Expand your vocabulary in each of the 36 topics by studying real-life articles and documents. 

Each unit gives target pronunciations and builds topic-based language and structure awareness.

Prepare for Your Test

Exam-style question ideas taken from a range of international aviation English exams, with the opportunity to record your own voice for analysis of pronunciation and fluency.


Each unit flows logically, so language you have learned will be used again.

At the end of each 6 units, progress tests will show you which areas you still need to work on.

Course Contents

Here's what's included in Aviation English Online!


Module 1: On The Ground

Units include The Walkaround Inspection, Taxiing for Departure, Passenger Boarding, Push and Start and Deicing. 

Experts interviewed include pilots and cabin crew.  

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Module 2: Takeoff

Units include Fire, Animals on the Runway, Runway Contamination and Runway Incursions. 

Experts interviewed include Ground Staff, Pilots and ATCs.


Module 3: Climb

Units include Bird Strike, The Stall, Engine Failure and Cargo Shift. 


Module 4: The Cruise - 1

Units include Hypoxia, Unruly Passengers, Medical Emergencies and Unlawful Interference.


Module 5: The Cruise - 2

Units include TCAS / RA, Stress and Fatigue, En-Route Weather and Technology in the Past. 


Module 6: Approach and Landing

Units include Stormy Approach, Overweight Landing and Runway Excursion.

For Teachers

The course was designed with Blended Learning in mind!

Each of the 6 Modules of 6 Units comes with a Teacher Pack that includes face-to-face teaching ideas, extra listening materials, vocabulary flashcard packs and other materials, to build on what students experience in the online course.

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