The Walkaround Inspection

You can download a copy of the teacher notes here (with answers).

You will also need a copy of the detailed listening gapfill and transcripts.

Part 1a – Prediction

Ask students to predict what Dieter will say to the three questions and make a note somewhere visible of their suggestions.

  1. Who conducts the inspection?
  2. Why do pilots do the inspection?
  3. Which parts of a plane are inspected?

Part 1b – Dieter’s Description

Listen to Dieter talking about the walkaround and check the predictions. Only listen once for now. The goal is to compare how comfortable students feel listening now with how they feel when they listen again at the end.

Part 1c – Gapfill

Give out the gapfill. Answers are on the teacher notes.

Play the recording as often as necessary. The player is on a loop, but feel free to pause it as required.

Part 2a – Memory

This activity requires that students write down the 3 words they hear before each beep. It is a short-term memory exercise.

Play the recording once and then again as required. Try not to allow them to talk too much.

Part 2b – Cockpit Checks

Now they will listen to Dieter describing checks that occur inside the aircraft.

Ask for predictions from the students about the following questions:

  1. Do you think there is a difference between taking an aircraft over from another crew on the same day, and being the first pilot team to start up a plane in the morning?
  2. Which checks do you think are important in the cockpit?

How many of their ideas were mentioned?

Part 2c – Word Counting

Play each clip and ask students to count how many words they hear in each clip. Get them to do this quietly, in their own heads where possible. Answers are given on the teacher notes.

Part 2d – Transcripts

Finally, students can listen to both full clips while reading the transcript. Hopefully they now feel more confident listening to these texts.

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