Test Regulations for Candidates

Last Updated: 19/10/20

As a candidate, you must:

  • Be on time for your test.
  • Provide proof of your identity at registration using the same identity document used to support your booking application. You will not be allowed to take the test without it. This identity document must contain a number, a signature, a date of birth and a photograph. It is the responsibility of the candidate to prove their identity.
  • Ensure any electronic devices capable of recording are switched off and placed with personal belongings in the secure storage facility provided. Any candidate who takes an electronic device into the test room will be disqualified.
  • Notify the Administrator or Examiner immediately on the test day if the conditions at the centre in any way impede your performance, or if you wish to make any form of complaint in relation to the administration or delivery of your test.
  • Agree to have your photograph taken immediately before the test begins.
  • Agree to have your test audio-recorded.

As a candidate, you must not:

  • Attempt to cheat or disrupt the test in any way.
  • Disturb other candidates once a test has started.
  • Use, or attempt to use, a dictionary, pager, spell-checker, electronic recorder or mobile phone for the duration of the test.
  • Smoke or eat in the test room.
  • Reproduce any part of the test in any format/medium, including attempting to record any part of the test. (Or you may be liable to prosecution.)
  • Take, or attempt to take, any test materials from the test centre. This includes, but is not limited to, note paper and recording devices.

Special circumstances

Any candidate who feels they may have special requirements that might affect their ability to perform the test, must inform the Centre well in advance of their test date. A consultation period will be required with the candidate as to what facilities will be required to accommodate their needs. Supporting medical evidence may be requested.

Disqualification warning

If you fail to adhere to any of the candidate regulations, your test result will be invalid, you will not receive a test certificate, and notification of your disqualification will be sent to your national Civil Aviation Authority and other relevant agencies and organisations. If you are suspected of failing to adhere to any of the candidate regulations, your results may be delayed or withheld in the event of any investigation of complaint or infringement, actual or suspected.

Complaints and Appeals

If you are unhappy about any aspect of the test day procedures, you must speak to the Administrator and/or Examiner as early as possible on the test day and confirm the details in writing within 24 hours. Failure to do so will be taken into consideration should an appeal of results be requested.

If you have a serious concern about your test day experience, you should make an official complaint to teac@lenguax.com (TEAC Head Office in the UK) within 48 hours of your test date.

Candidates who are not satisfied with either the test day administration or their test scores must appeal to the test centre directly. Appeals must be made to the centre Administrator by email no later than one month after certificates have been processed/dispatched.

Limitation of Liability

The objective of this test is to assess your current English language proficiency according to the ICAO Rating Scale. This assessment will be made entirely based on your performance during the test. No guarantees can be made or are implied about your future use of English.