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Online Aviation English Rater Refresher Course

(7 customer reviews)


Refresh your ICAO rating certificate with our blended learning course, including 9 hours of Trainer-led sessions. This course is suitable for those who have already completed an initial rater training course, and now wish to refresh their certificate after one year.

**Study in the UK!**

We are also taking bookings for two in-person refresher courses to be held in Brighton in March 2024 and September 2024. Please email Ben (ben@lenguax.com) for details.

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To participate fully in this course, you should already have an initial rater course certificate (to show to your approving body). If you are new to this field, we recommend you take our initial rater course: https://www.lenguax.com/product/online-aviation-english-rater-course/

This course is aimed at those who have completed a rater training course and wish to refresh their certificate, according to ICAO guidelines.

The refresher course comprises access to our online rater-training course, providing input on the rating of Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension and Interactions as well as full audios of candidate performances and rating discussions.

You will also be invited to join three online discussion sessions, to discuss any questions as well as engage in group rating with other raters.

Finally, you will be given chance to rate four more tests, and given feedback in the form of Rasch analysis of your severity / leniency relative to other raters in our network.

The instructors have many years of experience testing aviation English, developing aviation English tests and training raters.  We all have Master degrees in Language Testing from Lancaster University, and our SME raters have more than fifty combined years’ experience in the field of aviation.

Read full details about the course here.

Course Dates

Wednesday 18th – Friday 20th September 2024 **IN PERSON**, Wednesday 23rd – Friday 25th October 2024, Wednesday 11th – Friday 13th December 2024


To participate fully in this course, you should already have an initial rater course certificate (to show to your approving body). If you are new to this field, we recommend you take our initial rater course: https://www.lenguax.com/product/online-aviation-english-rater-course/

Payment and Cancellation


Please note that we are not able to confirm your place on a course until the payment has arrived in our account. You also, however, have the option of paying by Credit Card.

If you are paying from within the UK:
BANK: NatWest
SORT CODE: 56-00-63

If you are paying from outside the UK:
IBAN: GB02 TRWI 2314 7043 7981 87


Course fees are refundable up to 1 month before the start date of a course. Postponement onto a later course, where availability permits, will be accepted up to two weeks before the commencement of a course.

7 reviews for Online Aviation English Rater Refresher Course


    Having been involved in rating and testing candidates, this refresher course always helped me to understand either not to be too lenient or nor too harsh. I really thank Paul and Ben for type of approach in training raters and trying to making sure we are recurrent in the testing standards throughout all formats.

  2. Carlos Vaz

    Having been involved in English Language Proficiency for quite some time, I still needed a valid and reliable Aviation English Rater Course that would allow me to confidently rate people in the highly specialized world of Aviation English.
    While attending this course, I was able to notice LENGUAX’s solid analysis of the ICAO requirements. The solid academic background and years of experience of the teachers provided for excellent interactions and great understanding of the rating process.
    The course itself is both effective and efficient. It does the right things and it does the things right. It builds solid knowledge and understanding on how to correctly rate candidates in such a high stakes test. The enhanced ability to analyze, synthesize, and draw conclusions, that this course has given me, will allow me to evaluate aviation personnel accurately and consistently.

  3. Michael Bojsen (verified owner)

    A wonderful course where you are gently guided through the world of the English language. Every teacher I have met (online) manages to teach while keeping the atmosphere light and professional.
    I can only highly this course to refresh your knowledge on rating.

  4. Chouaib Boubaker

    The online refresher training was well organized. We really enjoyed it. It was very informative and our questions were thoroughly answered. I look forward to applying the skills I’ve gained in my future ratings.
    A big thank you to Ben and Tyrone, They were very helpful and patient.
    We are very much grateful for the online pre-study explanatory handouts and the audio clips of Paul that explained to us how to rate and check which rating is highly reasonable, reasonable or unreasonable.

  5. Ankur Singh

    After having successfully completed the initial course about a year ago, I recently passed the Refresher Course for Raters.

    I thoroughly enjoyed both the courses. The trainers are friendly and approachable. The online content, which can be accessed at any time as per convenience, compliments the virtual classes very well and maximizes the benefit that may be derived from the latter.
    The highlight of the course for me was the easy-to-use Lenguax Rating guide as opposed to the slightly vague ICAO descriptors.
    The course also served as an eye-opener for me as far as standardisation is concerned (think global standardisation rather than just with the organisation and/or the nation).

    Thanks to the entire team of Lenguax for their support and guidance.

  6. William Dunn

    Thoroughly enjoyed the course, which provided a comprehensive review of the skills needed to rate ELP effectively. The instructors are extremely helpful, and the material is well thought out and informative. Highly recommended!

  7. Jonas Buehler (verified owner)

    This course provides a great mixture of online pre-study courses as well as face-to-face classes. Especially the detailed scientific analysis at the end is an impressive tool to display one’s rater performance and proved to be a helpful guide in further developing my rater proficiency.

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