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Aviation English Teacher Course

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An 8-module self-access course with 2 online tutorial sessions to familiarise teachers with the ICAO language requirements for pilots and ATCs. We will look at these requirements and some examples of classroom activities to help develop students at different levels, so you can teach aviation English classes with the confidence that you are helping students towards their goals.

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This course is suitable for English language teachers who wish to learn more about the requirements that pilots and air traffic controllers must comply with in order to pass their Aviation English language proficiency tests.

It provides an overview of the communicative needs of pilots and air traffic controllers, then looks at the six language requirements that they are judged on (Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension and Interactions), as well as some of the teaching and testing materials that are available on the market at the moment.

The course takes the form of 8-self access modules that can be completed at your own pace, along with 2 (optionally 3) online tutorials with a Lenguax tutor, to discuss the contents of the course.

It follows the format of our highly-regarded Rater Course for Aviation English examiners, but is intended for individuals rather than groups.

It is suitable for teachers who have a language teaching qualification or background, and who are aiming to help aviation professionals to pass their language tests. It may also be of interest to aviation professionals that are expected to help train their colleagues, in that it provides some example teaching materials and guidance on how to produce more. However, it is not intended as a replacement to an entry-level language teaching qualification such as as Cert TESOL or CELTA.

4 reviews for Aviation English Teacher Course

  1. Mackarena Villarroel (verified owner)

    “The course is highly structured, with relevant and practical materials. Participants can progress at their own pace through the 8 modules, and the tutorial sessions are exceptionally beneficial, offering personalized clarification of doubts. I am grateful to my instructor, Paul, for his patience, enthusiasm, and professionalism in guiding me through the world of aviation English. Additionally, this course is a great resource for ESL teachers, helping us focus on preparing students to achieve a high score on the ICAO test.”

  2. KLAUS BÄR (verified owner)

    Thank you, Paul, for having designed and having guided me through this excellent Aviation English Teacher Course. I write “guided” because I chose to not only read but listen to all the sections in those 8 modules. I’ve greatly benefited from reviewing all six areas of testing after 18 months of giving tests to our clients. – The many downloadable PDFs found in each module (and conveniently again at the very end of the course) invite me to revisit the materials again. Module 8 with Lessons, Courses & Tests is a handy toolbox referring to valuable key-resources. – I recommend this course to anyone in teaching aviation English and/or giving tests.

  3. Karen de Bruyn

    I recently completed the Aviation English Teacher course on Lenguax, instructed by Paul. This self – paced course spanned eight comprehensive modules, providing a thorough preparation for teaching language proficiency to aviators. Paul’s expertise and teaching style were exceptional. His deep understanding of teaching English and the language requirements was evident in this course. This course makes complex topics easy to teach. Thank you Paul, I loved challenging myself to use chat GPT and feel innovative in my teaching and ready to explore these new methods in my teaching approach.

  4. Deidree Williams (verified owner)

    I found this course to be flexible. It is self-paced, which allows you to take your time to read through the Modules. The Modules were very informative, with many applicable references to the mandated ICAO requirements relative to the topic of Language Proficiency. The tutorial sessions with Paul solidified the information presented. Paul was able to answer all of my questions and clarify my concerns. I recommend this course to those wishing to implement this area of Aviation within their State.

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