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Welcome to the rater refresher course home page. You can access the modules below.

Before the first session of the course, please try to have completed (or at least looked through) Modules 1 – 4 (ICAO Documentation, Pronunciation, Structure and Vocabulary). Any questions about these modules can be answered during the first session, while questions about the other modules can be discussed during the second session.

If you’ve already done the full Lenguax Aviation English rater course you’ll notice most of the content is the same – it’s to be used to refresh your memory of the test and our application of the ICAO LPRs. But if this is your first time with us you might find it takes some time to look through.

If you cannot access the modules you may not be logged in. You need to log in using your Lenguax account using the login function on the menu above.

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