Online Aviation English Training

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Online Aviation English Training with our experienced teachers!

Lenguax is proud to offer bespoke training courses in Aviation English for professional organizations. 

The course is a mixture of online group practice sessions and online independent activities. 

Course Materials

We have produced a series of class-based and online self-access materials designed to improve the core aspects of the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements. 

Classes will benefit from our motivating and intrinsically interesting listening activities (featuring interviews with real-world aviation professionals).  Our group sessions include role-plays and discussion exercises designed to work on core fluency and interaction skills.  

We have a unique and proven way to improve student listening abilities, particularly to other accents. Listening skills are addressed through specific and targeted activities informed by recent research into the cognitive bases of the skill. 

Role Play

What’s in our English course?

Here, by way of example, you can see an example format for an aviation English course. This one, targeted at those wishing to cover material required for Level 4, comprises of 5 units each consisting of 4 sessions. Each session has been designed to walk the student through a journey of language discovery right from the start and culminates in language usage in authentic settings.

  • Introduction

  • vocabulary

  • presentation

  • Structure / Language Focus

  • Transcripts

  • Controlled Practice

  • Role play

  • Homework


Each session begins with an introduction to the unit where the students begin to think about the topic and domain under discussion. This is normally a class activity and students are encouraged to begin speaking right from the beginning.

Aviation English Introduction

Online Self-Access Materials

In addition to the materials for group or private teacher-led sessions, students will have access to our online resources, including our 12-module Aviation English course and Callsign Confusion, our listening practice resource. 

Medical Vocabulary
ATIS Recording Task

Teacher Expertise

Our teaching team has a vast amount of experience in teaching Aviation English, as well as in training other teachers to do so.



We are experts in the field of pronunciation analysis and training.  Our methodology is based around teaching the Lingua Franca Core for improved intelligibility internationally.



Using our long experience in language test design and construction, and our experience of aviation communications, we know which grammatical structures to target and improve for greater intelligibility.



Our lessons are topic-based with a focus on the priority lexical domains appropriate to plain language usage (as guided by ICAO in Document 9835), and targetted to both develop range and improve accuracy.



The ability to speak coherently and clearly is important in aviation English.  We provide opportunities for students to speak using motivating tasks, and get feedback on their production.



We believe we have the most innovative and useful listening comprehension tasks in the language domain: authentic audios that are carefully designed to train particular subskills. 



The ability to respond rapidly and effectively is key in communication.  That's why our classes always have elements of student-student and student-teacher interaction, with feedback provided on use of communicative strategies. 

Why choose the Lenguax Aviation English Course? 

There are a number of different Aviation English courses out there, but this one is different!

We have a highly qualified team of trainers with decades of experience between us in training pilots and air traffic controllers for their ICAO LPR tests. 

Among the skills we bring to the table are more than twenty years combined of rater training, and three MAs in Language Testing, as well as long careers working in Aviation English as examiners and teachers. We know very well the difficulties candidates face in achieving levels 4, 5 & 6 wherever they are from. 

We believe we are world-leaders in providing meaningful & targetted listening practice that actually helps students become better listeners to other accents. 

Our courses are designed around two principles: 

  1. The content should be engaging and interesting: in order to improve fluency & interactions it is necessary for students to want to communicate. 
  2. All material should be relevant, both to participants' experiences and goals, and to the ICAO LPRs. 

Have questions?  Want to see some more?  We're here to help