Rob Julian Rob began his career in the English language teaching field in Melbourne, Australia. Having graduated with a degree in English and Fine Arts, he then completed further studies in graphic arts before moving into teaching academic preparation courses. He later branched out into writing and illustration projects for a number of ESL/EFL publications in Australia and then in Spain. Moving to London in 2007, he has since designed and delivered courses in the ESP field for Medical and Legal English, including Aviation and Military English courses for the Italian Air force. Furthering his teaching qualifications to DELTA level, he conducted research at Oxford Aviation Academy into the English language proficiency needs of ab-initio pilots from non-English speaking backgrounds, including syllabus development. Rob is an Aviation English interlocutor/rater and is an examiner for IELTS and for Trinity College London. He is also a keen cross-country glider pilot for which he currently holds an ICAO GPL, soon to be converted to an EASA SPL.