Cpt. Anthony Cherfan, CRMT, MCCI, TKI, ELP rater Anthony Cherfan, native Arabic/French speaker, initially started his career as a 4G Radio Access telecom Engineer with Ericsson in France. Following a long-sought desire to fly, he was finally awarded a part-sponsorship to complete his ATPL training in Spain with FTE Jerez as a Flybe cadet. Following his graduation, he joined the company where he was based in Edinburgh for 4 years progressing from First Officer to Captain in 2019. Following the collapse of Flybe and during the pandemic, he has worked hard and invested in skills he had interest in but didn’t have the time to follow when he was a full-time captain. He has managed to become a CRM Trainer as he was and still is fascinated by the Human Factors element in the aviation industry. As CRM and MCC trainings go hand in hand, he also became an MCC Instructor and will be delivering training in Paris on the B737. Having a strong aviation knowledge, he became a TKI (Theoretical Knowledge Instructor) with two ATOs in Spain and in Scotland teaching various subjects such as KSA, Air Law and Human Performance and Limitation. Finally, as a multi-lingual person who’s originally from an Arabic country and able to speak 4 languages, he wanted to focus on the communication side of the operations as it is crucial in the aviation industry and became an ICAO ELP rater.