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Tailored ELP training courses and proficiency tests

What Can Lenguax Do?

Lenguax partners organisations with specialist English language needs to deliver...

  1. 1
    Training courses (online and face-to face).
  2. 2
    Teacher training and examining courses.
  3. 3
    Bespoke diagnostic, benchmark and licensing testing.
  4. 4
    Language research projects.

Lenguax Expertise

Our team have worked with 100+ partners during our 30+ combined years in the field.


Lenguax offers industry-leading online self-access and face-to-face training in English for Specific Purposes (e.g. Aviation or Medical).


Lenguax provides valid and reliable English language testing solutions for highly specialised work domains such as Aviation.


Using our links with academia we conduct research into language use in specific domains, such as Aviation English.


Our Test of English for Aeronautical Communication is a plain English for Aviation language testing system designed to assess the English language proficiency (ELP) of aviation personnel for ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements compliance.

We have the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and experience

We are a UK-based company delivering training and testing solutions to international partners. 

We have worked for over 10 years in developing leading internationally-used testing systems in Aviation, and consulted with other industries including Nuclear and Maritime.

We have strong academic credentials across the team, with MAs and PhDs in Specific Purpose Language Testing and course development. 

If your industry or workplace needs help developing a compliant language training or testing policy, we have the skills and experience to help!

During our collaboration, Ben was a real support to our assessors & test center with his constructive feedback. I believe he is working with the highest capacity and energy to improve the quality of the work.

It was a great opportunity for our institution to work with Ben and we feel we’ve learned a lot from his professional attitude.

Özlem Canaran University of Turkish Aeronautical Association  (Turkey)

After a long term (about 5-year) cooperation with Ben, I honestly appreciate his work, friendship, efficiency, his professionalism and his long term supports to our services. I believe people like him with quality will shine and be blessings to others no matter where he goes.

George Lau Flight Standards and Licensing, Civil Aviation Authority, Macao (China)

Though we started interacting on a professional note, it did not took long for relation and association to grow into more of a personal relation. Mr. Ben's contribution in shaping up Aviacons as one of the finest Aviation English Language Proficiency Centre in India will be remembered for years. Ben has been a fantastic trainer, mentor and guide in many ways and Aviacons will be more than happy to continue to associate with him in future as well in every possible way. On behalf of entire team of Aviacons, I take this opportunity to wish Mr. Ben Rimron very best for all his future endeavours. With the kind of knowledge, experience and your attitude and zeal for perfection will surely make him one of the most sought after professional in aviation industry.

Satya Bhushan Director, Aviacons (India)

The course was delivered in a warm, friendly and good atmosphere. I gained a lot from this course and Paul and Ben's experience. They taught us how to use appropriate skills and abilities to be an examiner. Ben has always maintained a professional and courteous attitude while with our company.

Ben helped me to be confident and professional in my area of responsibility. He is an outstanding manager and I really enjoyed working with Ben and Paul and gained a valuable work experience.

Aisara Masakbayeva Kazaeronavigatsia (Kazakhstan)

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