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The Team

Dr. Barbara Clark
Consulting Linguist

Consultant and academic with research interests encompassing discursive and anthropological aspects of occupationally-related identity and community construction, aviation communication, and the safety aspects of aviation (mis)communication.

Clare Hobart, M.A.

25 years experience designing and delivering education. Holder of M.A. TESOL & Linguistics and CELTA.

Tim Hall

Over 35 years experience in Aviation Industry in Line, Operational and Managerial roles. Fully qualified Aviation English Instructor.

Stephanie Jones
Aviation English Rater/Examiner and ATCO

20 years experience as Air Traffic Controller and instructor, qualified Aviation English Rater and Examiner.

Aviation English Rater/Examiner and Pilot

Fully qualified pilot and holder of Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence, 15 years experience teaching English to speakers of other languages. Holder of M.A. TESOL & Linguistics and CELTA.

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